About the Artists

meIt’s a true blessing to even be able to write this part of the website. I’m honored to be able to carry on the name Faithful Strokes and what the business stands for; providing a place for people to come enjoy and express themselves artistically where, simultaneously, I can glorify the Lord. So grateful to get to continue this wonderful adventure. I’m thankful to the original creator and the idea behind Faithful Strokes, my mentor and fearless leader for five years, Lisa Butler. This is how the business began in her words, “In the winter of 2008, this concept for an art studio began to come together. I wanted my classes to be something that a beginning artist could do, as well as someone who may have been painting for years. Give them a FUN environment, an easy, step by step approach allowing them to create something they are proud to show off and do it in a non-intimidating manner. That is how the idea for Faithful Strokes came about. The studio offered its first class in May 2009 and has been going strong since.” I completely agree with what she said in her original bio, ” I am so blessed to have a job that combines my passion for art with my love of teaching others. I believe everyone has a creative streak in them. I love helping each and every person find and express it.” I have taught and designed for Lisa at Faithful Strokes for nearly five years and have loved every minute of it. When the opportunity presented itself in August 2016 to possibly be able to own Faithful Strokes, it was extremely bittersweet. I have drawn all my life, taking after my brother. I remember playing school as a child for years and eventually wanting to become a teacher. Somehow that dream was sidetracked, but I did earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 2006 from Aquinas which would allow me to continue my dream of owning a business. I started painting around the time I graduated college and through the grace of God and trial and error began developing my talent. This is what made me a believer in the Faithful Strokes concept; that everyone, given the time, environment, encouragement, and basics, can become a budding artist. Owning Faithful Strokes allows me a flexible schedule to get to bewith two sons more. This flexibility enables me to home school both of my sons, Preston and Colton and do what I love. I’m so ecstatic to get to bridge all of these dreams together at this time in my life. It’s a true blessing from the Lord.





Meet The Rest of Our Artistic Team!!


Lisa is the original owner and founder of Faithful Strokes. She instructs classes and is the mentor for us all! Her heart is big and she loves art and art therapy and her passion is to share that with others.


Amanda has been teaching and designing, as well as training for Faithful Strokes for around 2 years. Her bright smile and sweet spirit are an asset to any team; I’m thankful she’s on ours! She brings experience and creativity from working in the pottery aspect of art and is great at what she does!






Jenn has been a part time instructor for Faithful Strokes for nearly 8 years. She is an amazing teacher who loves sharing her artistic gifts; she’s especially adored by the after school and homeschool students. They love her!! She is also a very skilled artist and designer.



Brie is an awesome member of the Faithful Strokes family. We met her when she amazed us with her artwork on Small Business Saturday Day of Artistic Celebration back in November 2016. Her positive attitude, love for Christ, and willingness to try and do just about anything I throw her way are as impressive as her artistic skills. We are so blessed to have such a sweet and well-rounded person on our team even just to help out here and there!



Gwen is a very talented graphic design artist and has her Crossaid Apparel in our lobby. Please check out her work and read about the people her work benefits at Crossaid on Facebook or Instagram.