Faithful Strokes Art Studio will offer Home School art classes again this year.


Classes begin at the beginning of each semester, but you can join at any time!


Classes meet each week for 50 minutes on Mondays from 1-1:50pm and Tuesdays 11-11:50am. Upon registration, pay the first month’s tuition and a spot will be held for your child/children. We will have your child’s supplies ready for them on their first class. Classes are charged on a monthly basis with tuition due the first day of each month before services are rendered.


Unfortunately we cannot give refunds unless it is due to sickness on our end. If you know you will have a planned absence, please let us know and we can prorate up front or if you have a sickness, we are happy to prorate the following month. We create lessons and purchase supplies based on all signed up children being present. Thank you for your understanding.

Cost is $65/per month. Each class is designed for elementary through middle, but we will adjust projects accordingly for younger or older students. In these classes, we will explore different artists, as well as techniques and different mediums. If your younger child is in class with an older child, the style of projects we do will be on their specific level.


Home school classes start at the beginning of each semester, but because the way we teach it’s never too late to join!!




PAY FOR A SIBLING (for discount) $60

Please email Melissa at or call/text 615-573-6793 for more information.




Contact us if you are interested in


TUTORIAL (not currently active, but possibly building a new class)






Foundational Art Homeschool Tutorial called ACT or Art Connections Tutorial. We will focus on the arts, but also connect Art to The Bible and Creator, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and History. This is fundamentally an art-intensive STEAM tutorial.




Currently Building a Class

(We held elementary through Middle from Sept 2018 to May 2019 as well as 7th grade and up during Fall 2019)


We feel like there is a niche that’s being missed. Our Art Tutorial can both fill that need, as well as, support what you are doing at home or what they are learning at their existing co-op or tutorial. THIS IS NOT TO REPLACE A SYSTEMATIC STUDY OF THE OTHER SUBJECTS. There are plenty of great co-ops and tutorials in Rutherford and surrounding counties that teach a wide variety of subjects.



$350 for 13 classes for a semester

Sibling and paid-in-full discounts are available.




Each 45 minute segment will incorporate God and Art/History and another subject like Math, Engineering, Science, and Technology. 




Register and pay deposit for 1st month of Art Connections Tutorial


Email Melissa at and we can send you info!



CLICK HERE TO PAY $125 toward your balance (no discounts applied) *just fill out pertinent/applicable info (CONTACT US BEFORE PAYING)



Art and Science will study color theory, how much artistic beauty is found in science, similarities like cells in art and cells in science, how chemical reactions and science “laws” can help artists be creative (oil and water separation because density), and more. Ultimately students will walk away with a love for experimentation and some cool scientific art pieces.


Art and Technology will discuss how they relate and how much of the technology used today, primarily to connect us such as social media, entertainment, and digital art is grounded in aesthetics. Also spatial elements be discussed. Ultimately these students will walk away with a basic knowledge of how to create on various technology interfaces such Cricut Design Space and others.


Art and Engineering will focus primarily on architectural design. We will discuss perspective in art, engineering, and in general. We will work one week to develop a structure from brain storming to sketch to rough build to final completion of an artistic and fundamentally strong building.


Art and Math will explore measurement and mixing color calculations as make our own art supplies. We will look deeper at the color wheel, fractals, optical art, and radial design. These students will create various art pieces from mediums they make themselves and an optical illusion art piece, and a large scale/collaborative project using mathematical measurements, proportion, balance and pattern.


Art Appreciation will discuss the art elements/principles, use what we’ve learned to critique some famous works of art, then we will discuss how art evolved as a response to historical changes, the art periods and characteristics that defined that age. Finally we will create our own versions some of the masters’ lesser known pieces to make a mini portfolio.


Please text/call Melissa at 615-573-6793 or email to register and/or pay by phone.