Classes are $30 unless otherwise noted


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Thursday, December 8th 7-9:30pm
“Cold Winter’s Night”
Register $30


Friday, December 9th, 4-6pm
Big Kid Mommy & Me*
“Ice Princesses”
Register $20 each (two paintings)
or Register $25 (one painting)

store front

PRIVATE PARTY! Saturday, December 10th 10am-12pm


Family Fun Saturday, December 10th 1-3pm
“Up on the Rooftop”    SPECIAL $25

stroll in winter

Monday, December 12th 7-10pm
“Stroll in Winter” Register $30

Tuesday, December 13th 7-10pm
Private Party

Wednesday, December 14th 7-9:30pm
“Cold Outside Warm Heart Inside”
Register $30

BARFIELD PRIVATE PARTY Thursday, December 15th 7-9:30pm “Tree of Joy” Register $30


Family Fun Saturday, December 17th 10am-12 noon
“Ice Ice Baby”   


Monday, December 19th 7-9:30pm
“Happy Dance”
Register $30


Tuesday, December 20th 7-9:30pm
“Dashing Through the Snow!”
Register $30

winter wonderland1

Wednesday, December 21st 7-9:30pm
“Winter Wonderland”
Register $30

Oh Happy snow day1

Thursday, December 22nd 7-10pm
“Oh Happy Snow Day!”
Register $30

*Mommy & Me

Introducing a new option for moms to come in with their child(ren) to do a fun painting together or, at times, read a book and do a related craft. If you do the project together, meaning you’ll leave with one piece of art/craft the price is $25. If you each want to do the painting/craft, the price is $20 each. Come join us for a time of fun and bonding with your child(ren) and then leave with something to commemorate the special time you shared. Typically the 10am-12noon slot is for older toddlers, Pre-K, and Kindergarten. The 4-6pm slot will be doing a child-level painting, but is suggested for 1st-4th grade. Please call Melissa with any concerns or questions 615-573-6793. These are flexible rules and situations with siblings apply at times, so don’t hesitate to contact us! Thank you!!