Classes are $30 unless otherwise noted



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  SPRING BREAK MINI CAMP!! Zootopia! Monday, March 27th 10am-2:30pm Register $75
SPRING BREAK MINI CAMP!! Minions! Tuesday, March 28th 10am-2:30pm Register $75
eggstraordinarymasterpiece-png-nggid0289-ngg0dyn-200x200x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010 Tuesday, March 28th 7-9:30pm “Eggstraordinary Masterpiece” Register $30
SPRING BREAK MORNING PAINT! “Cup of Cuteness” Wednesday, March 29 9-11am SPECIAL PRICE $25!! Register $25
herecomespeter-png-nggid0258-ngg0dyn-200x200x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010 Wednesday, March 29th 7-9:30pm “Here Comes Peter”         Register $30
hallelujahcross-png-nggid03228-ngg0dyn-200x200x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010 Thursday, March 30th 7-9pm “Hallelujah Cross”    Register $30
Mommy and Me Class Friday, March 31st 4-6pm “Cup of Cuteness” Register $25
Tuesday, April 4th 7-9:30pm “Flower Power” Customize your flower color! Register $30
Wednesday, April 5th 7-9:30pm “Reflections” Register $30
Thursday, April 6th 7-9:30pm “Praise YOU in this Storm” Register $30
Mommy and Me Class Friday, April 7th 4-6pm “Peter” Register $30
  Tuesday, April 11th 7-9:30pm “Under the Tuscan Sun” Register $30
Wednesday, April 12th 7-9:30pm “Initially Yours” Customize!! Register $30
Thursday, April 13th 7-9:30pm “Faith” Register $30
Mommy and Me Class Friday, April 14th 4-6pm “Some Bunny Loves You” Register $25
Tuesday, April 18th 7-9:30pm “Brown Eyed Girl” Register $30
Wednesday, April 19th 7-9:30pm “Deliciously Peared” Register $30
Thursday, April 20th 7-9:30pm “Floral Cross” Register $30
Mommy and Me Class Friday, April 21st 4-6pm “Celebration Cross” Register $25
Tuesday, April 25th 7-9:30pm “Crazy” Register $30
Wednesday, April 26th 7-9:30pm “Oopsy Daisy” Customize your colors! Register $30
Thursday, April 27th 7-9:30pm “Little Light of Mine” Choose colors!! Register $30
Mommy and Me Class Friday, April 28th 4-6pm “Fly Me to the Moon” Register $30

Tuesday, May 2nd 7-9:30pm “Paisley My Name” Customize colors, lettering, or wording Register $30

Wednesday, May 3rd 7-9:30pm “Home Sweet Home” Register $30

Thursday, May 4th 7-9:30pm “Paisley the Lord” Register $30

Mommy and Me Class Friday, May 5th 4-6pm “Polka Dot Cross” Register $25

Tuesday, May 9th 7-9:30pm “Oui Oui Paris” Register $30

Wednesday, May 10th 7-9:30pm “The Wishing Tree” Register $30

Thursday, May 11th 7-9:30pm “Take My Breath Away” Register $30

Mommy and Me Class Friday, May 12th 7-9:30pm “Hootie Whoo” Register $25

Tuesday, May 16th 7-9:30pm “Home is Where the Heart Is” Register $30

Wednesday, May 17th 7-9:30pm “Let’s Ride” Register $30

Thursday, May 18th 7-9:30pm “Beauty Lies Within Cross” Register $30

Mommy and Me Class Friday, May 19th 4-6pm “Olaf in Summer” Register $25

Tuesday, May 23rd 7-9:30pm “Lily Love” Register $30

Wednesday, May 24th 7-9:30pm “You and I” Register $30

Thursday, May 25th 7-9:30pm “Lead Me Home” Register $30

Mommy and Me Class Friday, May 26th 4-6pm “Boy Minion” Register $25

Tuesday, May 30th 7-9:30pm “Stroll in Summer” Register $30

Thursday, June 1st 7-9:30pm “Sunflower” Register $30

Mommy and Me Class Friday, June 2nd 4-6pm “Girl Minion” Register $25

Tuesday, June 6th 7-9:30pm “Take My Breath Away” Register $30

Wednesday, June 7th 7-9:30pm “Island Paradise” Register $30

Thursday, June 8th 7-9:30pm “Garden’s Gate” Register $30

Mommy and Me Class Friday, June 9th 4-6pm “Rainbow Unicorn” Register $25

Thursday, June 8th 7-9:30pm “Tip Toe Through the Tulips” Register $30

Thursday, June 15th 7-9:30pm “Footprints in the Sand” Register $30

Thursday, June 22nd 7-9:30pm “Home Town Pride” Register $30

Thursday, June 29th 7-9:30pm “It’s a New Day” Register $30